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Kinook is correct -- SourceSafe tracks working folders separately for
all user accounts in a special .INI file on the server, so if you log
in with a different account, the working folders will be different.
I got around your problem by setting up a separate user account in
SourceSafe called 'Autobuild'. This special account is used only for
build scripts and any changes to working folders will not affect
other accounts.
One thing to keep in mind when using the Undo Checkout command. You
must set your working folder before calling this command. Otherwise,
if the checkout folder is different than the current working folder,
the operation will fail.
If you have any other SourceSafe questions, just ask. I've been a
user and administrator for over 2 years and have figured out a thing
or two about it.

Hope this helps.

Paul Blacquiere
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