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A few queries

After playing around with URP for a while, I have a few queries.

1. undo/redo does not work as expected for modifying externally linked items. For an internal item (RTF Text) or a stored item, you can navigate to different items and return to the item being edited. After that, undo still works fine. But for an external item once you navigate to a different item the undo functionality is disabled.

2. is it possible to control the delay to expand an item in DE when dragging an item over it ? All items seem to rapidly expand. A 500 ms delay might be helpful. The Trees(More) => Delay before auto-expanding... option is selected but doesn't seem to be helping.

3. is there anyway to mark items in the DE as readonly ?

4. I need .reg files to be readonly and .sql files to be editable. Both are stored in UR. How do I achieve this ? I tried playing around with the options under Documents and Editor but it seems that both files are treated as text as rely on the .txt extension.

5. How do I create a hyperlink to an executable and pass parameters to it ?
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