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Subsequent to the last step in your video just click on either abc.sql or def.sql, and press Ctrl-F5. The thing is that these two sqls could be placed at different places in the Data Explorer and either one could be refreshed along with other items resulting in unknowingly destroying the data elsewhere.

Separate from the above, I am trying to get a hang of the synchronization mechanism.
1. Import a folder called testUR (initially empty)
2. then create a temp.txt in Windows Explorer(WE).
3. Next press Ctrl-F5 in Data Explorer(DE), temp.txt is added.
4. Now in DE create a folder "test" below "testUR" and sync again on testUR. "test" in now visible in WE.
5. Now in WE delete the test folder and press Ctrl-F5 in DE. "test" is now recreated in WE. Why ?
6. delete "test" in DE and sync "testUR", and "test" is recreated. Why ?
Points 5 and 6 seem to be in conflict. What are the rules for sync when data could be modified in both places ?
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