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Originally posted by armsys
Hi Jim,
Do you create your own template(s)?
Hi Armstrong.

No, not in that URD. I had one in the old URD, the one that wouldn't pull up the Quick Search page, if you remember. But when I created a new URD and copied most of my folders over, I purposely did not copy the templates over, thinking that the custom template might be the cause of the Quick Search issue.

This URD was created after the posts about the Quick Search problem, so whatever happened to this one happened very recently. I still think it was the one web capture that I immediately edited. The edit was just to remove a rather large blank area between the title of the page and the start of the text. I deleted that white space and then clicked on Item> Edit Web Page. That should taken that web page out of the edit mode - or so I thought. The error messages started very soon after I did that. I'll not do that again!



EDIT: PS - Also, since I had a saved revision of that URD from about 20 minutes prior to making that change, and after restoring it the errors were all gone, I think it is safe to assume that the web page edit was the cause of the error.
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