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This behavior seems to be a common occurrence with any application on XP after SP1 is installed:

This post gives a possible workaround:

"On your computer, are your running a service named something like 'HID Input Service' or 'Human Interface Device' service? If so, stop and disable it and restart your computer. Then try any scheduled task. I'm guessing it will work now.

This should help all of those experiencing this issue as a workaround. This is a problem introduced with XP SP1 (if you deinstall SP1, the issue will disappear)."

Fortunately for me, I uninstalled SP1 some time ago (experiencing a blue screen every day or so got a little annoying).

And actually, my tests show that (sans SP1) interactive (GUI) apps will run successfully in Scheduled Tasks even if no user is logged on when the task executes (as long as the user that is specified for the task has the necessary permissions).
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