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Originally posted by kinook
If the 'Also delete synchronized Outlook objects or external files' option is checked, it should delete (to the Windows Recycle Bin) any URLs to local files for deleted items (it does in our tests).
I tested what you described & it worked here, too.

However, it does not work in the scenario that I described which is different from your test. If you can test that & confirm then maybe I have a unique problem.

I don't know what the difference should//would be between my scenario & your test but IMO any developer who naturally wants a user to describe the circumstances under which the problem occurs, should test it under that scenario so we know we are on the same page.

Edited 10/29/07 04:16 pm: Thank you Kinook & Quant. Now working here, too. Don't know what the problem was, however.

I created a new folder in Explorer & drag / drop to URp explorer. Moved all emails from former folder to new folder & tested again. This deleted connected files to MS recycle bin.

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