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I have library with library items.
Say I have an article "Nice Article by Good Author"
Now I work on 2 projects, and in both of them I use some ideas from "Nice Article by Good Author", so I create internal links in both projects linking back to "Nice Article by Good Author".

Now, ideally, when I'm at "Nice Article by Good Author", I think I should be able to see all items where I cite "Nice Article by Good Author". I think the best way to do it is by having "Internal Links Pane" (in the same way we have for example "Item Parents Pane" where we can see all parents of the current item).

As this is not possible at the moment, I create search item as a child of "Nice Article by Good Author", searching for the text matching the current item title. It's not elegant, but works (with some limitations).

The "internal links pane" should be easy to create, cause the hyperlinks contain itemID, so "internal links pane" would basically be a search on hyperlinks where itemID matches the current itemID.

Is it close to what you are suggesting?
I think we keep repeating ourselves ;-)
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