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Question Make VS.NET bug in Visual Build?

We're currently using Visual Build Pro v5.7, and I'm having some trouble with the VS.NET step. We have the following configurations in our Visual Studio 2005 solution:

Debug|Any CPU
Internal|Any CPU
Release|Any CPU

I want to build the "Release|x86" configuration, so I've selected the "Release|x86" option from the Configuration(s) dropdown. The problem is that everytime I run this step, it builds the "Release|Any CPU" configuration instead.

This same problem occurs if I try to build the "Debug|x86" or "Internal|x86" configurations. It builds the corresponding "Any CPU" configuration instead.

Does anyone know if this is actually a bug in Visual Build (or am I just missing something...?)? If so, has it been fixed in the latest version? I looked through the release notes for each version after v5.7, but didn't see any bug fixes that definitely sounded like this problem.

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