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"Make VS2005" vs. "Make VS.Net"

I am using Visual Build Pro 6.6 to build a Visual Studio 2003 project. It builds fine, but there are some program errors when the runs. I wondered whether I accidentally specified a "Make VS2005" step instead of a "Make VS.Net" step, and if so, what effect it might have.

I can manually build the project (i.e., not using Visual Build Pro) using Visual Studio 2003, and of course if I try to use Visual Studio 2005 it gives me a warning to first convert the project to a 2005 project type. This proves that its a VS2003 project (C#, by the way), not 2005.

This made me think that it would be impossible to build the project if I accidentally used a "Make VS2005" step instead of a "Make VS.Net" step ... but to my surprise, I can build this project solution using a "Make VS2005" step, or even a "Make VS2008" step!!

I cannot tell the difference between a "Make VS.Net" step and a "Make VS 2005" or "Make VS 2008" step just by looking at the step properties, icon, or anything else, so that's why I'm confused.

So then, here's the question: if I accidentally try to build it with a "Make VS2005" step, is Visual Build Pro "smart" enough to see that, and automatically select the right verison of Visual Studio for project compilation? It's pretty amazing if it does that.
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