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Originally posted by J-Mac
Thanks for all the advice Ashwken. Very much appreciated!

I really don't want to start posting too much information here - a lot of the data is not really for public consumption.

When I have had time to implement more of this I'll post back with progress.

Thank you again.

This project, Claim Tracking, while personally important to you, does offer the opportunity to explore the capabilities of UR for the wider audience.

As a fellow user I do want to help you get over the intial hurdles we all face when starting out with a program, but I am also hoping for input from others that might fill the gaps in my understanding.

It is possible to speak in general terms while not revealing personal information about your situation. The portion of this project dealing with Claim Resolution Events does have impact on other situations that involve working with Tasks in UR.

Anyway, glad to help.
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