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Some additional Notes:

Originally you mentioned only one user-defined Attribute (Provider Name) that you wanted to assign to the imported pdfs, there may be others (Status field (Pick List), ...) - these would need to be created during Step-2 so that they appear in the subsequent (derived) copies of Provider Templates (01-06). Any default values for the additional user-defined Attributes would need to be defined in Step-4 for each Provider Template. Also, if you want these additional Attributes on the Form they will need to be placed during Step-3.

It's usually best to take the time to think about what user-defined Attributes you are going to need before you start creating actual data records, adding Attributes later and populating existing records can be a bit of a job.

The Info Item Attribute Type provides not only a Lookup to an Item (record) but also a jump-link to the Item (Ctrl-Q, Back Button to return).

The Folder "Provider Info" created in Step-1 is actually a Lookup Table (containing Contact Items). Generally such a Info Item Lookup Folder would reside on the first level off the Root, once you start linking to this Folder's Children you don't want to (ever) move this Folder to another level - breaks all the links.

This project involves Tracking Claims, as Claims enter and flow to resolution various events and time limits govern. What are the most common set of Events (Tasks) for a Claim, plus are there any unqiue Events for a Provider.

It would seem that these Claim Resolution Events (Task) are a good candidate for a suite of Templates, which could then be placed as Children under each Provider Template (???). I'm just thinking out loud.

Are you scanning any docs?

Something that I've recently come across is scanning to a .tif file, then creating a pdf from it resulting in some pretty small pdfs.

I scan a good amount of forms and came across a reccomendation that when working with a B&W printed form (8.5x11) scan at 2-color depth at 300dpi, the resulting file is 400-600kb. When printed to pdf the file is 70-100kb. I recently had to scan at 24-bit at 150dpi and the resulting .tif was 3.5mb, the resulting pdf was 500kb.

I don't know why .tifs exhibit this behavior, png to pdf does not shrink as much.
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