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Hi Ken. Long time...

I was thinking template for this, but I could not figure out how to do that in a way that would auto-add the attributes when imported. Believe me I read all through the Help file and couldn't find how to have it work at import. I read through your posts to me last year sometime about creating templates and forms, and while those posts are very helpful to me I couldn't determine how to have a template assigned to a folder. Or any other way to have a template affect imported Info Items during their import.

BTW, to answer your questions, the value of the user-defined attribute I am adding is text string. If you can remember we once discussed the claims correspondence database I had wanted to put into URp? That is what this is. This attribute is simply Provider Name, with six defined values for the drop-down list. I will also no doubt be adding more as I rebuild this data in URp. And I imagine that it is possible that different types of files may end up in the folders with the PDF files, so the Import Folder idea is definitely a viable one for this.

Actually adding them en masse as suggested by quant worked wonderfully, so as I add more that will certainly help me too.

Thank you for the help!

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