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A note about Ultra Recall suggestions

Originally posted by kinook
We do track all suggestions and feature requests (submitted here or via email) in our internal issues database. We think it's important to take care when adding features to integrate them well, while also preventing UR from becoming bloated and slow, and this is not always easy. While we do try our best to accommodate feature requests, the list is pretty long, and we don't know if or when we'll get to all of them.
you are doing excellent job, don't worry

Originally posted by kinook
We do a maintain a road map for future releases, but we don't attempt to keep it comprehensive and up-to-the-minute with each suggestion that is submitted.
no one is asking for up-to-the minute roadmap, but if I remember correctly, last time the road map was updated was about 3 months ago. Maybe if it's updated on a monthly basis, should be enough.

This was already suggested on another thread. I think it would be very welcomed if roadmap is a bit more structured, sth like:

with sections like approved/postponed/rejected/maybe/ ...

And if UR has html export (which is already on the roadmap), then updating roadmap thread should be matter of one-click of a button to do an html export and another click to upload it to web.
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