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a few more suggestions

More ideas that would make URP4 more useful to me and perhaps to others too:

1 - ignore spelling at an item level. I'd like an attribute where if toggled, it makes automatic spell check, with the red line, inactive or active.

2 - let me change the color of the auto spellcheck underline. The red makes it very intrusive where I'm using lots of proper nouns or words that URP4 just doesn't recognize. If I could make the underline a shade of gray, that would be helpful.

3 - enable me "tear" an item away from the main program and make it "stay on top" and resizable so that I can easily take notes while watching a video. Right now, I have to use a "post-it" program, which doesn't integrate nicely with URP4. When I'm done, of course, I'd like it to appear in the correct spot in the Explorer pane.

- Bal
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