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I think I have solved it but what I did should not have solved anything.

I pressed the 'Store Contents' button and [stored] appeared next to the filename. The file was then editable. But this was no help because running a script on the file produced a results file in some ill defined temporary location.

Pressing 'Store Contents' again and saying OK to the warning about what would happen if the original was not available I found that the file was still editable. So now I have external files editable within Ultra Recall which is what I wanted. I also tried it on one of the text files which I had not been able to edit, sure enough storing then unstoring it made it editable, although it might be better to store the text files in Ultra Recall permanently, this was an oversight on my part.

I can now have Graphviz files in Ultra Recall and have the results displayed as an 'info item'.

I have arranged each graph as a .SVG file with the source code for that graph as a child item. The file extension for that source code is .GVZ which I have linked (in windows default programs) to a script which compiles the code and places the resultant graph into a .SVG file of the same name in the same location which is what the code is linked to. So 'running' the .GVZ file updates the graph to which it is linked.

With Graphviz files displayable as 'info items' I can have organisational charts, UML diagrams, flowcharts, block diagrams and all sorts of other goodies within Ultra Recall.

Thanks for your help, sorry to keep bothering you. I realise that my use of your program is probably not what was intended when the program was developed, but that just shows how versatile Ultra Recall is.

It would be nice to have support for Graphviz built in to Ultra Recall (they do provide C libraries to help developers do this) but what I have now is good enough.
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