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UR in the cloud

I have over the years collected so much wealth of information within UR that is absolutely valuable and insightful. I have come to the point where I realized this information needs to be shared. Furthermore, I'm a firm believer that information that is confined to the physical limits of a hard disk on a PC is severely restricted. Information must flow and there is no better way for it to do so than a browser and a mobile device. I see the evidence to that everyday on the Internet. This is what the cloud is all about.

If you take the time to understand how it works, UR is extremely powerfully and , truly, your imagination is the only limit to it. However, this power only exists within the confinement of an MS windows client.

UR data resides in a relational database. Given the advance in browser technology and browser/web applications, why is Kinook not considering porting the desktop client to the cloud. These are some scenarios ...

1) Make it a cloud subscription service where users can upload their urd files and be able to navigate its content. Start with a subset of features.
2) Develop your own web client/service that can be installed on a web server.
3) Develop a mobile client for limited access to the service.

I really prefer the first option.

What do you you all think?

Thank you.
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