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Having seen most of the info managers out there, you won't see a program that caters to the job of a researcher like UR. It does lack some features, but looking at the overall picture, Using the current set of features is limitless as you will see and learn as you start using it.
I'm, myself, a researcher and I spend with UR 7 hrs a day. These are the questions that came to my mind as I was designing UR databases and my answers to them ...
1) How many databases do I need? I use subject and size as criteria.

2) How should I organize content? This is physical (using tree) vs. logical (using views and queries). My approach has been to keep tree as simple as possible probably up to 5 levels deep. I try to avoid anything deeper than that. UR has limitless possibilities for both.

3) Decide on your linkage strategy? I.e. how to go about linking items together. For me, for every research subject, I have 3 items linked together, a review, a how to, and a references list.

4) Define a list of productivity/work flow questions? Things like what subjects needs reviewed? What references need to be read? The answers come via using UR attributes and searches (or queries).

5) Most important of all, decide on a backup strategy? Mine is set to perform a backup upon startup and after closing it. These are not natively available via UR, am using my own scripts to do them. You can use tools like MacroExpress or Perfect KB.

Hope this helps.

Thank you
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