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Originally Posted by kinook View Post
How are you editing the messages in UR? The MIME viewer doesn't support editing of message content.
I did some experimentation with it, and noticed that sometimes the stored emails are readonly and sometimes they are not.

The consistent thing that I found is that if two emails are stored, both as children of the same node, the 2nd email allows you to type away and modify the stored email, but changes are lost when you go to another item.

Steps to reproduce:
  1. Select an email in Outlook (I'm using version 2007 if that matters).
  2. Click the button in Outlook to copy the email to UR.
  3. In the dialog, choose a node where the email should be inserted, and choose the radiobutton for 'Copy', and store the email.
  4. Go back to Outlook and go to a different email.
  5. Follow the same steps to copy this email into UR, making it a sibling of the first email.
  6. The second copied email allows you to modify as you wish, but mods are lost when you leave the stored email.

I commonly have one work item that I copy many emails to, so several emails will be siblings (all children of the same node).

UR 4.2b on Win 7 Ultimate 64bit
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