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Can the current .bld file be saved from a build?

Option #1

Avoid modifying the project from the build (for instance, by modifying global or temporary macros rather than project macros).

Option #2

Add a Run Script step with VBScript code of
If Project.IsModified Then Project.Save
to save any changes to the current project file from within a build.

This will prevent the GUI from prompting to save changes when run from a scheduled task or other automated scenario, and will also save changes made when building via the Console app.

Option #3

To discard any changes made to a project during the build:

a) Use the Console app (any changes to the project will be discarded unless explicitly saved during the build)


b) Specify the /s command-line flag for the GUI app


c) Save the modified project to a temporary path:
If Project.IsModified Then Project.Save "%TEMP%\discard.bld"
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