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Originally posted by cnewtonne
This is something I would've paid a million dollars to hear. I'm thrilled and speechless...
So the check is in the mail, right? :^)

- what happened?
We fixed the bug causing these problems (it was actually fairly simple to fix once it was identified, but it was the proverbial needle in a haystack [it was thread-related]).

- How come you are now able to fix so many issue when just few days ago you could not reproduce most of them?
All of the instability problems stemmed from the same bug. Why we were unable to reproduce the problem before yesterday is a bit of a mystery.

- Did you just know/discover something you did not know just few days ago?
Yes -- we finally reproduced the problem, which enabled us to debug and fix it.

- Was this related at all to the recent discovery of the RTTI error?
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