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Sorry for the tardy reply, I was waiting to see if a user might post their opinion on the subject (in addition some development is nearing completion to overcome the current limitation where Outlook 2000 and earlier are not fully supported. I waited thinking this update would be released shortly, but it has been temporarily delayed for more testing).

Now, to answer your question:

While you can import messages in an indirect way (using the import wizard from Thunderbird and some other email applications), Microsoft Outlook Express and Microsoft Outlook currently have the best integration with Ultra Recall as they are the only mainstream email clients we are aware of that support copy/paste and drop & drop.
Note: as mentioned above there currently are some issues with Outlook 2000 and older that prevent it from consistently parsing an email. You can store them in Ultra Recall but they may not be parsed for keywords correctly or display in the Mime viewer - they can be viewed externally just fine, however).

At this point (version 1.3b), Ultra Recall supports drag & drop or copy & paste of messages (single messages only from Outlook Express) from these Microsoft email clients. The original message is "stored" as a document Info Item and the message is viewable in Ultra Recall with a special "Mime viewer" (stored messages can also be launched/viewed in the original application).

The next version of Ultra Recall (Sloan, version 1.4) will add additional support for Outlook 2000+, which may tip the scales toward Microsoft Outlook being the "best" email client for use with Ultra Recall. See this forum post for the details on version 1.4.

Note: Internally we have people using both clients with Ultra Recall and have had no complaints of corruption or data loss using Outlook Express (even with multiple, active accounts in use). Perhaps later versions of Outlook Express have addressed some prior issues that caused corruption... Obviously this is just anecdotal evidence, your mileage may vary!
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