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Hi kevina

Thank you for the answer. The way to search for items you describe does not find logical linked items (to the bold item in data explorer pane), only items that are "direct" created as child items of the bold item in data explorer pane. My question is how to find the logical linked items also.

In current Version of UR you can assign an attribute to one category. I have a lot of attributes and I should be able to organize them in a more flexible way:

1) Nested Attribute Categories. Example:
-- System
Access Count 47
Date accessed 15.03.2005
-- MyAttributes
-- AttributeGroup1
Attribute1 No
Attribute2 123
-- AttributeGroup2
Attribute3 Text
Attribute4 Yes
Attribute5 No
-- AttributeGroup2.1
Attribute6 456
Attribute7 Text
-- AttributeGroup3

Hint: It should be possible to give two Attributes in different categories the same name. If in the example above Attribute1 is labeled with 'Name', e.g. the Attribute3 or Attribute7 should also possible to be labeled with 'Name'.

2) Sub Attributes: An Attribute (Type) that contains Sub Attributes:

-- MyAttributes
MyComposedAttribute1 Text
= SubAttribute1 Yes
= SubAttribute2 123

Sub Attributes means, that you can assign attributes to an attribute. Always when you assign the Attribute 'MyComposedAttribute1' to an Item, the whole construct including the SubAttributes will be assigned to the Item.

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