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Since all the Info Items belonging to a Category will be children/grandchildren of a single Info Item (the Category folder), the simplest way to get a list of these matching Info Items is to create a Saved Quick Search Info Item with a blank criteria and Limit search to bold item in Data Explorer pane checkbox checked.

To create the Saved Search Info Item: Start a Quick Search, ensure the criteria blank, check the checkbox mentioned above, then click the Copy button. Give the new search Info Item a name (maybe something like: "All Children").

To use: Select the appropriate Category folder Info Item. Then Select the Saved Search Info Item. The Related Items Pane (labeled Search Results) will display a flat list of Info Items that are linked to the bold Category.

Can you elaborate on sub Attribute/Attribute Categories and how they would be implemented? I don't quite follow what you are asking for... (examples would probably be helpful).
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