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Version 4.2a

Released on February 27, 2011

Bug Fixes
  • User-defined keywords always displayed in lowercase in Related Items pane and forms.
  • Internal editing of stored text files with BOM (byte order mark) not working.
  • Access violation error could occur when undoing in syntax coloring text editor.
  • Error could occur loading linked document item that has a form if the linked file doesn't exist.+
  • Searching on a user-defined keyword that is in the keyword exclusion list matches all items.
  • Advanced search on Default Child Template attribute not working.
  • Improved parsing of Open Office XML documents.+
  • Fix for error loading item could occur when updating task with stored Outlook object.+
  • Bookmarks HTML file exported from Opera browser not imported properly via File | Import -> Firefox, Netscape, or Mozilla bookmarks.
  • Error when copying item with form containing many attributes.+
  • Tools | Options | Trees (More) | Delay before updating item access date does not display or update setting.
  • Validation error could occur when advancing CSV import wizard.+
  • Moving via Link/Move From dialog can move wrong item.
  • Full repair deletes Object Exists attribute.
  • Proper cleanup of temporary Outlook .msg files created for internal browser view.
  • Don't replace & and ; characters in filename during file synchronization.

    + = Professional edition only
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