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directly accessible items from other programs

Evernote recently provided a way that you could copy a note's link and paste it in URP or Word or virtually anything else. When you click the link, it opens Evernote's desktop client and takes you to the note directly.

I have tried this with URP and cannot do it. The best I can do is to create a desktop shortcut and try using that. Not nearly as elegant and it doesn't work for me every time.

This really seems to me to be a "must have" - almost on the same order as hoisting was a few years ago.

Please consider putting this into the roadmap, and if you could give it a high priority position, that would be incredible.

My usual disclaimer: I'm not a techie. I have no idea how difficult or easy it is to implement something like this. I only know that I want it - yesterday.

- Bal
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