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For anybody interested in the original problem, I have just uploaded a detailed info to Kinook.

Also, pls, do not post any more unrelated topics in this thread. It makes it difficult to navigate for anybody searching the forum. (see


Note: Update from customer 10/11/2021:

I tried a different approach to using two databases. I no longer autostart Ultra Recall with Windows and both databases loaded. Instead, I open any of the two databases as needed using AutoHotkey and a kind of "C:\Program Files\Ultra Recall\UltraRecall.exe d:\database.urd" command. When either database or both of them is open this way, there is no freezing. Although this started as a workaround I have actually found working this way to be more satisfactory for me than the autostart and following clicking on an appropriate icon. That is why I no longer consider the reported bug to be an issue for me.

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