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I don't use text styles in UR but I extensively use bolding (and in special cases, additional underlining, as an even more distinguishing formatting for then VERY important text passages (from my point of view / for my (alleged) purposes), in texts where I already bolded lots of passages), especially on first read of external resources, and in order to facilitate my own further re-reads of those texts.

On the other hand, I fully endorse any request for "easiest possible access" to (possibly) frequently-used commands / settings, by (simple, assignable) shortcuts, and this applies here.

Since such formatting presets get their real relevance in / after export, I would like to ask cnewtonne how you then further process that output?

In fact, UR's XML output - its RTF output seems, unfortunately, be limited to just ONE item every time (?) - seems very powerful, but from my (intermediate) findings, there is NO way to get FORMATTED XML output just into ONE file, so any XML export-to-file will need quite heavy scripting in order to then combine the UR-produced multiple XML files (which seems to be perfectly possible, it's just that up to now - using UR about 3 months now -, I haven't had the courage and the necessity to look further into this problem)?

It's very obvious that the (easiest-possible) application of formatting presets (i.e. "styles") is a major factor in any export for (electronic or printed) publication (cf. my thread here, "From Internal Text Links (available now) to Exportable Text Links").

(It's true that from a certain number of shortcuts - which varies by individual memory standards; mine are quite low -, it's not possible anymore to have them all ready" at any given time, but users' use case differ, and any user will certainly memorize those shortcut they will use again and again; for the rest of them, they will need to consult their "cheat sheet" for the respective application indeed.)
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