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Originally posted by hartmut
you are right I am German,
Well I drop all in one folder of UR, and if necessary I move them in UR to other folders. In scrapbook I save just to special folders.

Do you know the firefox add-on Multilinks ?
Very helpful.
When I have several links on a webpage and I want to save the linked pages I use multilink, which will open every link in a new tab.
Then with scrapbook "save all tabs" I save the pages in one new scrapbook folder, export them and import them via index.htm to a new folder in UR.
Just try it.
Great help!! Thanks - Dank Dir! ;-))
Wouldn't it be a good idea to the developers to make this import a bit more comfortable? I didn't want to import the folders as files instead as webpages. The idea with the index.html works fine!

(ich werde dich heue in mein gute nacht gebet einschließen!)

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