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Synchronizing UR items between databases

Imagine I need to work only with a part of my main database (due to its size/security reasons/remote pc restrictions etc).

What I would like to do is "link" several item from my main db to a "travel db". Then the usual stuff, one could change either item in the main db or the travel db. Based on the modify date, UR would allow me to sync one way or another and inform me if both sources changed from last sync.

Or, it would be nice if one could just select items in the original db and UR would create from selected items a "cloned" small "travel" db that would match itemid's and everything that's needed. When syncing, UR would also let me decide what to do with a completely new items in the "travel" db.

Maybe there is a better way to approach it, but this is my initial thought ...

I would find the above extremely useful in the office where I would like to work with part of my main db and then efforlessly sync it with the main db. I tried many things, but with mixed results. For example if one moves items from main db to travel db, then items in travel db have different itemid and when moved back to main db, the internal links break. Also if the item you want to move has more than more parent, the relationship is lost etc etc ...

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