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Some of my manual p4 steps redirect output to NUL since I don't need to read about all 13000+ files being synced on a clean build in my log file. After looking more closely, it looks like output can be set to none. Is this the same?
Using a Run Program step, yes (alternatively, you could continue to redirect to NUL if you prefix the command with %DOSCMD% ). The Perforce action proper doesn't currently provide a way to do this, but it's a good suggestion for a future release (although you could prevent the output from going to the log file by temporarily disabling file logging for the step -- see the Logging.bld sample for instance).

One of my steps syncs to #none (//...#none); I wasn't sure of the right place to do this in the p4 action. It seems like the command panel > changelist number field could hold the none keyword, but that didn't work ok.
If that is a valid filespec/wildcard for P4, it would go in the 'Folders and/or files...' field.

One of my custom steps returns the p4 revision number of a particular checked in file, so I can update its version strings before I build it. (p4 have //some/file.ext filtered by perl). Is there a simple way to do that?
A step's output is available in the following step via the %LASTSTEP_OUTPUT% system macro (also accessible in that step's vbld_StepDone script event via Application.ExpandMacros("%LASTSTEP_OUTPUT%")). You would still need to parse the output in script code and use (or store in a temporary macro for later use). See 'system macros', 'scripting' and 'script events' in the help index for more details.
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