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Dave says,
Not sure if you want to follow up with this or not but I'll use their method instead of what I was doing. I was trying to submit the contents of a folder which would be //depot/MyFolder/... giving me specific control over what section of my files would be checked in. Since the changelist is a better way of doing that and the %P4_CHGLIST% macro gives me the info I need, I'll start using that.

I was working around not having the p4 changelist number, so I would p4 change and filter output with perl. Now it sounds like I could reinvestigate that step type when I have time.

Some of my manual p4 steps redirect output to NUL since I don't need to read about all 13000+ files being synced on a clean build in my log file. After looking more closely, it looks like output can be set to none. Is this the same?

One of my steps syncs to #none (//...#none); I wasn't sure of the right place to do this in the p4 action. It seems like the command panel > changelist number field could hold the none keyword, but that didn't work ok.

One of my custom steps returns the p4 revision number of a particular checked in file, so I can update its version strings before I build it. (p4 have //some/file.ext filtered by perl). Is there a simple way to do that?

Other p4 actions work ok; opening files for edit, locking files, reverting files, and deleting open changelists. So it looks like both Dave and I can do a revision of our actions if we have time.
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