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There were some changes made in VBP 5.1 to the Perforce action in regard to how submit is dealt with, mostly bug fixes to properly deal with the default changelist (see for details).

In addition, the Opened command is now only issued if the Folders field is empty. The reason for this is so that the action can also delete the named changelist if no files have actually changed and they all get reverted. We expected the normal usage in a build would be

1) Create a changelist using a change command (the Perforce action stores the new changelist # in the P4_CHGLIST temporary macro).

2) Use the open command to open any files that might be changed by the build into the %P4_CHGLIST% changelist.

...perform build logic...

3) Use the submit command to submit the build changelist with all modified files in the build changelist, reverting any unchanged files and deleting the changelist if no files were modified (using a blank Folders field and checking the Revert option).

Are you wanting to use wildcards in some manner that prevents this from working, or setting up your builds differently, or ?
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