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How to achieve "Filtered View" with search

UR users want Filtered Views, there has been a discussion on this in 2007, and another one in 2017. You suggest using Search, results ordered by Tree Order column, and then, in case, also displaying Indent Level and Lineage columns.

I now have found these again, in "Options" - "Attributes" - "System Attributes to display" - in fact, almost every attribute in the Related Panes Dialogue is superfluous for most people, so I don't really understand why, for the, much more important, System attributes, I have a choice to hide them, when I always have to scroll thru the non-system attributes anyway, but so my problem is resolved. Can't edit the title for adding a question mark though. ;-)

(P.S.: The jumping-around within the tree has NOT been resolved in any way, in the recent August update, whilst you mention it within the "Done" list though; in fact, I could not see any amelioration, in any situation - would have loved to say otherwise!)

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