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Version 3.0

Released on March 5, 2007

New Features
  • Windows Vista compatibility.
  • Office 2007 compatibility. *
  • Two-way Outlook sync (see Outlook sample and help). *
  • Two-way folder sync. *
  • PDA sync (via Outlook/folder sync). *
  • Add Search combo to view toolbar.
  • Custom entry forms (Tools | Forms). *
  • Print/preview/RTF export of contact/form fields plus item detail text. *
  • Provide Shell drag formats when dragging items out of UR (to Explorer, Outlook message attachment, etc.).
  • Internal (wiki) linking (via copy/paste and drag/drop from tree into Text items and Tree | Link with focus in details of text item).
  • Add named hyperlinks to text items (Edit | Insert Hyperlink).
  • Hoisting (Tree menu and toolbar). *
  • Import/export sets. *
  • Insert child/sibling tear-off toolbars.
  • Support URL links to UR items from other applications (use ur://%DB_URL%?item=%ITEM_PATH% in Tools | Options | Miscellaneous | Item command-line format).
  • Command-line export and synchronize. *
  • Option to show parsed item text in Item Details pane for documents without a viewer (Tools | Options | Documents). *
  • Option to show combined text for multiple selection (Tools | Options | Editor). *
  • Option to prefer text/rich text clipboard format over URL, HTML, and Mime when pasting (Tools | Options | Import).
  • Option to set focus to detail pane when going to an item (Tools | Options | Miscellaneous).
  • Option to select parent item after delete in tree (Tools | Options | Trees).
  • Keyword exclusion import/export capability (Tools | Keyword Exclusions); add more keyword exclusions to default list.
  • Add option to launch favorite externally with Ctrl held down (Tools | Options | Miscellaneous).

  • Simplified tagging/categorizing via the Item Keywords dialog (Item | Keywords or Ctrl+K).
  • Option to search only user-defined keywords (tags).
  • Support for OR in Quick search expressions.
  • Optimized phrase search and more ways to perform phrase searches (within double quotes in quick search or (Item) contains keywords advanced search).
  • Option to show only one taskbar icon with multiple databases open (Tools | Options | General).
  • Preserve tab state between sessions.
  • Open new tab by clicking small blank tab.
  • Allow modification of some system attribute properties (Flag names, category, list values, and auto-completion properties). *
  • Support customization of context (right-click) menus (Tools | Options | Customize | Menus).
  • Add Office 2007 theme option.
  • Add Lineage to Reminder dialog (right-click column header).
  • Editing of item rich text on built-in Contact form; resizing of form fields.
  • Web import optimizations: Use IE cached version of file if available and up-to-date; add option to always use IE cached version (without comparing with server version) of file if available (Tools | Options | Import (More)).
  • Ability to sort the Related Items pane in same order as tree when manually ordered (by displaying and sorting by Tree Order attribute -- enable via Tools | Options | Attributes).
  • Ability to create custom form for Contact items. *
  • Remember last text and highlight color between sessions.
  • Native support for import of Outlook notes and signed messages. *
  • RTF export of multiple selection including stored document items exports document text if available.
  • Hold Alt key down when selecting a document item to prevent display in its associated viewer.
  • Retain vertical position after move left in tree if siblings are manually sorted.
  • Make Billing Info, Company, and Location system attributes auto-complete.
  • Option of including auto-generated keywords in XML export.
  • Support 'rename to selected text' in MIME/MSG viewer.
  • Handle proxy authorization request on web page import.
  • Clicking on date field in Item Attributes pane will no longer uncheck date.
  • Increase date control height in Item Attributes pane.
  • Define toolbar images for Go | Next/Prev Item and First/Prev/Next/Last Sibling.
  • Way to save all externally modified documents (Tools menu).
  • Intelligent launching of email addresses (via Item | Open Shortcut or Ctrl+Q).
  • Uninstall option to not delete user configuration settings.
  • Ignore error retrieving contents of linked file for display in details pane.
  • Show buttons on floating pane captions.
  • Always show +/- button area on automatic horizontal scrolling, even if item has no children.
  • Treat .dot files the same as .doc.
  • Reopen any .urd files in EXE path on startup.
  • Show area to left of item without children when auto-scrolling.
  • Change default shortcut for Add Reminder from Alt+X to Ctrl+Shift+R to allow entry of Alt-X key codes in rich text editor.
  • Simplified license info entry.
  • Additional samples.

    Bug fixes
  • Workaround for some versions of rich edit control where pasting image doesn't display immediately.
  • Process background images in CSS files when importing web pages.
  • Exclude style tags from Item Text of imported web pages.
  • Outlook appointment Weekly recurring period imported as Monthly; Outlook task % Complete field doesn't import.
  • Outlook toolbar buttons don't work in additional instances of Outlook; position not sticking for some users.
  • F2/Shift+F2 shortcuts (rename to selected text) don't work in web page viewer.
  • Attribute auto-completion list can be incomplete with many items having non-unique values.
  • Prevent internal editing of linked documents (previously would store internally on save).
  • Error when editing row after copy/paste in Advanced search grid.
  • Fix for error that could occur in rare circumstances loading empty quick search.
  • Changing the template of an item causes renaming to work incorrectly.
  • Cross-database copy problem when selection includes items with different user-defined templates.
  • Modifying columns for Related Items pane via Columns dialog removes sorting.
  • Insert with floating tree pane moves focus to Item Details pane.
  • Immediately refresh Favorites to reflect permanent delete.
  • Import failure of unreachable URL that was continued by the user would not fully import local files encountered later during the import.
  • When first file encountered during import of a folder fails and import is continued, the import fails with 'recursive links not allowed' error message.
  • Page setup margins dialog doesn't respond to up/down buttons and performs incorrect conversion between inches/centimeters.

    * = Professional edition only
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