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Problem compiling Pocket PC software: Visual Build 6, VS.Net 2005

When I compile a Pocket PC application in Visual Build 6.0 (Visual Studio 2005) I get the following error:

C:\Build Process\Checkout\Mobile\Lima\trunk\AssemblyInfo.vb (29) : error BC30002: Type 'AssemblyFileVersionAttribute' is not defined.

Relevant lines that created in AssemblyInfo.vb:

<Assembly: AssemblyVersion("1.00.1235")>
<Assembly: AssemblyInformationalVersionAttribute("1.00.1235") >
<Assembly: AssemblyFileVersionAttribute("1.00.1235")>

Visual Build project step XML:

<step action='Make VS.NET'>
<AssemblyVer type='11'>-1</AssemblyVer>
<Attr type='11'>-1</Attr>
<FileVer type='11'>0</FileVer>
<Filename>C:\Build Process\Checkout\Mobile\Lima\trunk\Lima.sln</Filename>
<LogLevel type='3'>0</LogLevel>
<ParseOutput type='11'>-1</ParseOutput>
<ProdVer type='11'>-1</ProdVer>
<ShowCmd type='11'>-1</ShowCmd>
<VersionSel type='3'>2</VersionSel>
<description>Execute to compile Lima.sln </description>
<indent type='3'>2</indent>
<name>Compile Lima</name>

If I do not select the "Update the File Version" check box in the Versions tab of the Make VS.Net project step, I do not get the error.
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