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VSS SS.EXE History "Version Not Found" Error

Hi All,

I'm having trouble running the following VSS line:

"C:\program files\vss\win32\ss.exe" History $/FirmwareUpgrade/DLink/1.1 -NL -R -V"L1.1.0 CM Build 6~L1.1.0 CM Build 5"

The problem is more than likely a deleted file somwhere in one of the sub folders. I encountered a similar problem getting the entire project tree before, when the get would fail. A search on Google led me to the solution to use *?* as part of the get, as that would bypass an missing files. I tried adding *?* after the token "History" and still received the "Version Not Found" error message. If I take the -R out, then everything is fine and SS.exe returns valid results.

What do you advise?

thanks in advance,
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