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Glad to see UR evolve to version 6: Can't thank Kinook enough

It has been a journey since 2006 when I first acquired UR license. It has been my daily driver since then and probably till I retire!

If I may pose some questions regarding reelase 6 ...

1) Why the 64 version of UR? Is MS Office compatibility the only reason. For our daily work, should using 64 version add any other benefits e.g. larger database sizes, better performance, more tree items?

2) One of the new features is be able to append to an info items and it states ...
Append to current item option now applies when pasting/dropping, in addition to when auto-importing clipboard content.
I was able to see this feature in action when pasting 'ctrl+v' or using auto clipboard import. But, it did not work when 'dropping' e.g. dragging text from detail pane to the tree. It kept creating more tree items vs. appending to it. Is this not how it should work?

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