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You should call rather than msdev.exe when building from the command-line (the Make VC6 action does this by default, but the exe can be overridden on the Options tab).

The Make VC6 step does not use the DEVSTUDIO_NET_DIR global macro, but looks up the location of msdev itself.

It sounds like an issue with msdev when building from the command line (what the Make VC6 action ultimately invokes to actually build a workspace or project). You can verify this by checking the 'Show command-line...' checkbox on the Options tab, rebuilding the step, then copying and pasting the msdev command-lines from the build output to a Command Prompt and running it from there.

If it works from a Command Prompt, it may be initialized with the environment needed for VC6 builds, and you may need to either start VBP from that command prompt (type start visbuildpro in the command prompt) or initialize the VC6 environment in the Make VC6 step (similar to the bottom of, but instead calling the VC6 batch file).
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