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Well I am running a run script VBP step. I can not see a setting to force the step to execute using the 32-bit cscript.exe. It defaults to the 64-bit version. I can of course write my own script, save the vbs file, and use a run program to launch the correct cscript but this is functionality that worked in the 32-bit version and now is not working. I have no problem making modifications to the step to make it use a different cscript but changing the step entirely is more serious.

This is the difference between 64-bit and 32-bit apps.
Further, I had issues with all of my Microsoft Visual Source Safe steps since the ss.exe could not be automatically determined. Likely, VBP is looking at the registry in a location but since VSS is a 32-bit program with a 32-bit installer, the appropriate registry key is in the 32-bit portion of the registry. This would be under the WOW3264Node.

The lookup fails so I assume that VPB does not take into account that the lookup is being performed in the 64-bit portion of the registry. This is a fundamental difference between different bitness processes.
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