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Version 1.4c

Released on February 8, 2006

  • Allow Matches Wildcard searches on numeric fields (such as Priority).
  • Support capture of PDF summary properties to UR attributes.

    Bug fixes
  • Duplicate URL handling on import doesn't work with relative paths.
  • Multiple selection at different levels doesn't include selected children in copied text.
  • Images in trees don't print correctly.
  • Virtual boolean attributes (such as Has Pending Reminder) aren't searched correctly.
  • Importing Treepad files doesn't always include plain text and is bold and/or improperly indented when it does.
  • Error when manually moving template from Recycle Bin back to become a template.
  • Cross-DB copy error (unspecified child items created).
  • Import of .mht file adds bogus Message Date attribute value if not specified in .mht file.
  • Error updating Access Date when doing quick copy/paste between databases.
  • Drop/paste of selection from Firefox 1.5 into contact/attribute edit fields pastes URL instead of text.
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