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I know they're both automation tools, but we're comparing potatoes and french fries here. I'm not anti-TFS, it has its place. But VBP does a great job of doing a lot more than I thought possible when we initially purchased it.

If you don't have the budget for TFS and time isn't a huge issue, I've gotten VBP to do almost everything that TFS does with a little time and programming (including a sweet email integration with sharepoint, GUI interaction tool, and auto kick off with Perforce hooks...among many others).

The only thing I currently lack that I would like is insight into what the build process is doing when kicked off with our GUI. I'm working on that though.

Kinook also has awesome support that I think trumps TFS in terms of turn around time and quality. Instead of sending you on a rat race or getting some huffy reply, they guide you through or fix or just create a better fix on their end that night for you to download. Speaks a lot to their product.

Is there anything specific that you are looking for in an automated tool with VBP that you think you can only do in TFS?
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