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Sorry to get back to you so late. You may be right; it's just one of those annoyances that nagged me back last year when I did trial it. There was no notification of that limitation on the web site at that time, and I didn't realize then why it was only indexing such a small part of my data until I asked about it!

And another thing that ticked me off with GDS: not too long after it was released and I was using it, I received a notice from Google that my account, along w/ several, had inadvertently been made available on the web and also made public for a short time. Yikes! No indication that it was seen by anyone, but my account was supposedly configured so that even I could not see my own desktop index during a web search - I felt that was possibly putting my data at risk. Ha! So they accidentally made it public anyway!

That's when I decided to make it a personal rule to never allow my personal data to be entrusted with a "free" application from a company best known for the largest internet search engine again. (My Gmail account is used strictly for forum notifications and certain newsletters. I use a paid email account for all else.)

Maybe I'll stop fussing about the trial stuff and give Archivarius a shot after all.

Thanks quant.


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