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Originally posted by J-Mac
quant, are you saying that Archivarius can currently search your URDs? Or you are hoping that they implement this? Sorry, it is unclear to me.
no, it cannot. I think several people asked them if they could do it, but they didn't, probably too small user base for them to bother or maybe problem with urd file specification.
In my case, the documents that contain a lot of unprocessed info are only linked to UR (neither keyworded in UR). I keep in UR only the most important info. For the rest, Archivarius finds everything I look for, it's fantastic, plus very responsive support.

Originally posted by J-Mac
And if not, can any current desktop search engine search UR's data?
None that I know of. I think Kinook once said that they will "reinvestigate" to allow GDS indexing, but don't know the result. Kinook?
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