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Originally Posted by kinook View Post
When storing a web page internally, it is stored in a custom format that includes ancillary files (stylesheets, images, etc.) and other information. Don't sync after editing the stored page internally.
Ah, so, but isn't it true that a linked local file is always in sync (without having to use Ctrl+F5 at all)? At least it seems so in my tests. If I drag n' drop a .html file into UR without storing it, whatever changes (making the text red, e.g.) I make internally are automatically done on the external file itself. This makes sense to me as the changes have to be applied somewhere, and that somewhere has to be the original file since the file isn't stored internally.

Likewise, whatever I do to the original file (with an editor, e.g.), UR would update it after refreshing (F5). What is synchronization for if it's not for stored contents?

In addition, the Help file seems to suggest synchronization is for stored contents:
If a valid URL is specified, the information for the document in Ultra Recall can be Synchronized with this external document or folder (including the actual file if the contents are stored).
Sorry, I guess I'm confused about how synchronization works. I've gone over the Help again, and still not getting it. Could you please explain in greater detail? Thanks.
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