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original document polluted after sync

When storing (not linking) a local web page (a .html file) in UR, the original file would be "polluted" (data added at the top) if the stored document is edited internally, and then sync with the original.

Exact steps to re-produce:

1. prepare a test .html file. I first ran into this issue with several real-world .html files. To make sure there's nothing peculiar with the files, I finally tested with a minimalist hello.html file called with just one line of text (hello world!). The file is included in the uploaded (renamed as hello_original.html to distinguish with the corrupted one).

2. Load the file in Firefox 4 (screenshot ur1.png in the zip).

3. drag and drop the file into UR.

4. Select the document in UR, and press Ctrl+M to make it stored instead of linked.

5. press Ctrl+Shift+0 to edit the page, and make some change. In my test, I changed the color of the text into red. (screenshot ur2.png in the zip).

6. press Ctrl+S to save the page, and Ctrl+F5 to sync with the original.

7. Go back to Firefox, and press F5 to reload hello.html. Some odd symbols and some text are added to the top of the page (screenshot below).

The corrupted hello.html is also included in the zip (as hello_aftersync.html).

I've tried this several times in a newly created database, on two different machines. My desktop is on Win7 x64 SP1, while my notebook is running Win7 x86 SP1. The notebook is using the trial version of UR.
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