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Re: I just bought a copy of UltrarRecall Pro

Originally posted by Cris Tontchev
By the way, if somebody from the group have used these software for organizing research material and would like to share the estrategies used, I will be very interested in hear it!
I use UR to organize my research. I ported my whole library of articles/books/ ... into UR, where I'm able to use citations links, extracts, links to pdfs ...
The calendar feature could be better, but hopefully kinook will work on it ;-)
Apart from that, it's excellent, ... however I won't share my strategy ... why not?

I tried to use mindmanager and thebrain, but it lacked many features which I required. I'm still looking for some kind of "ming mapping" soft, but haven't decided for any. The UR would do, if the data explorer pane could have different view, ie. not the familiar tree structure, but more like a (auto-rearranging) map, sth like
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