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I just bought a copy of UltrarRecall Pro

As I stated before, I have admired UltrarRecall Pro since v.1 and I have installed and unistalled it several times . My main issue is with the linking system that really lack something for me. However, today I got a great offer from that I could not refuse it.

If you still have not decided to get your copy of Ultra Recall, maybe a quick look at bitdujour will change your mind right away. The great deal end today, so hurry!

Now, I have a great software to organize the support materials for my dissertation, which I will combine with mindmanager and ideamason.

By the way, if somebody from the group have used these software for organizing research material and would like to share the estrategies used, I will be very interested in hear it!

wow... my license key just arrived in my email... let me enjoy my licensed UltraRecall. :-)
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