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do-Organizer (DO) is a gourgeous and powerful sofware that offers you almost everything to keep your information in one place, which I really appreciate because I as getting anoyed with the phrase: "where did I put that info?" . Of course, DO still needs improvements in all areas, but they are coming along because the developers are very responsive to users requests. If DO had a collector, which is in their plans, I could say that DO would compete with Zoot. By the way Zoot is working just fine under Vista and Outlook 2007 enviroment (I am giving it a try again).

I have been using GTD with DO without problem. I can tell you more in DO Forum, just PM me.

UR is a nice and powerful software that I am comtemplating for years. I am planning to buy it this time and I reached for my Credit Card several times, but still there are some things that I would like to see improved, like the linking system is confusing for me: I don't know visually which one is the real file and which one is the link; Why the item cannot be displayed alone when activated from another application (like WR); and other things already requested by other users after v3 was launched....

Well, let's see.... I still have few weeks to go with UR... Now, if Kevina at least tell me that I can open UR items in other applications such as Do and IdeaMason Browser than, I would buy UltraRecall right know.

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