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Question Generate Change Log from SourceSafe Comments

Is it possible, or has anyone already set up a scenario where they generate a "what's changed" log for each build, using SourceSafe comments?

What I'd like with each build is a running log of what has been done. It would look something like:

Build 1.0.1
Project: $TheApp/TheBrannch/TheBusinessTier
File: SomeFile.cpp
User: jdoe
Checked in: 03/02/2003
Comment: Fix bug# 1532. Added bounds check to for loop that checks for string length.

Build 1.0.2
Project: $TheApp/TheBranch/TheGui
File: TheButton.cs
User: jsmith
Checked in: 03/03/2003
Comment: Made the exit button bigger

Doesn't seem like it should be overly difficult to put together but I just wanted to see if anybod had already done it.


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