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Originally Posted by igoldsmid View Post
Hi Kinook

When copying or linking pdf's, by default Ultra Recall creates a horrible blank Icon. I have had to proactively create a pdf image, then each time manually change a UR pdf link icon from blank to the proper one. Am I doing something wrong - or is this how it currently is? If so can you add a feature to automatically make pdf icons be as they should?
This works as expected in my tests for all versions of Foxit Reader and Adobe Reader v10 and earlier, but I did notice a problem with UR loading the associated icon for Adobe Reader XI. This has been fixed in the latest download.

Links to Windows Folders:
When linking to a windows folder, UR automatically creates links to the Folder contents and adds as children. However, if new content is added to the windows folder - it also has to be manually added to UR. Why doesn't/can't UR automatically add links as new (internal child) items when added to any Windows folders that are already linked in UR?
It would be rather involved, could affect performance, and is not implemented in UR. Whenever a database is opened, would need to find all linked folder items and sync any changes, and also monitor all linked folders for changes while the database is open. You could use the command-line sync feature to explicitly sync a folder from a scheduled task, batch file, etc.
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